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Alexander Shorokhoff designs and manufactures luxury watches with German precision.

The watch manufacturer Shorokhoff has become a symbol of luxury watches from Germany. The noble wristwatches are designed by Alexander Shorokhov in Germany and manufactured in the company’s own factory. Step by step, under the scrutinising gaze of the master watchmakers, small masterpieces are created that inspire with impressive design and the highest manufacturing quality. Inspired by historical impulses, Alexander Shorokhov creates extraordinary wristwatches for men and women that are characterised by a modern spirit. The finest materials and innovations of a very special kind create an impressive recognition value in the watches. Many models that have started their foray into the world from the German watch manufactory are also strictly limited. Alexander Shorokhov has also succeeded in creating genuine collector’s items.

Each watch is a masterpiece in itself

The combination of the finest materials and impressive designs makes each watch by Alexander Shorokhoff a masterpiece in its own right. Even at first glance, the passion for perfection is evident in the watches. In three collections, enthusiasts can buy the most diverse luxury watches for men from Alexander Shorokhoff. Each of the collections has its very own character, but does not lose sight of the connection to the Russian roots.

Luxury watches of the avant-garde collection take up the charm of the art and culture scene

Artful design, inimitable details and traditional charm make up the style of the Avantgarde collection. In this product line, Alexander Shorokhov picks up on the flair of the international art and culture scene and draws inspiration from it. The designs that emerge under the umbrella of the collection radiate a high recognition value, while at the same time being charismatic and with a love of detail.

With the Vintage series, Alexander Shorokhov has added another design line to the Avantgarde collection. The Vintage luxury watches are made in the style of the Avantgarde series, but have an unmistakable special feature. The watch manufacturer uses historical Russian movements that have not been produced in their original form for a long time. These movements make the luxury watches a special treasure that appeals above all to enthusiastic watch lovers.

Heritage is a tribute to Russian artistic and cultural heritage

The third collection from the house of Alexander Shorokhoff is the Heritage line. With this collection, the Russian-born designer revives the Russian art and cultural heritage of the 19th century and manages to direct the viewer’s gaze to a special piece of Eastern art history. The special features associated with this are reflected in the watches in elaborately crafted skeletons, refinements and enamelling. All watches in the Heritage collection are exceptionally elaborate and artfully designed.

Luxury watches by Alexander Shorokhoff have a high recognition value due to the many details and the unconditionally high quality standards. At the same time, the manufactory, which is located in tranquil Bavaria, always manages to attract attention with new innovations. Shar, for example, was the world’s first completely round wristwatch for men and women.

Brilliance in detail – luxury watches by Alexander Shorokhoff

Wristwatches by Alexander Shorokhoff are not only popular with collectors, but also inspire those who long for that special accessory on their wrist. The balancing act between unique designs and impeccable functionality makes the luxury watches, each in its own right, a masterful showpiece that, once you have put them on, you won’t want to take them off. The wristwatches for men fascinate with their many details, which are sometimes presented in the shape and design of the hands, but are also noticeable when you look at the dial. Alexander Shorokhov is not only unconditionally modern, but also surprises again and again with nostalgic features that make every watch a highlight of a special kind. At the same time, the watches are extremely comfortable to wear.