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Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer servicecenter

All Alexander Shorokhoff watches are produced in Alzenau, Germany. A booklet showing a test trial run and signature of the watchmaker who has assembled the watch is supplied with each shipment, assuring you of the highest standard in our quality control.
The service is carried out by highly experienced personnel with special knowledge of mechanical watches. Alexander Shorokhoff watches are high-quality mechanical timepieces with:

  • precisely regulated, refined and hand engraved movements.
  • vaulted sapphire crystals
  • high grade stainless steel or gold cases with glass back
  • water resistant to as minimum of 5 atm (some models 3 atm)
  • additional functions on different models

Every watch received in our workshop for repair is first checked by a watchmaker before that an estimate is prepared. Once a confirmation is received by the customer, the watch will be repaired (within 10 working days) and later returned to the customer.

All our watches are supplied with a 24 months warranty. All customers are entitled to get after-sales service with efficient supply of information on repair. We have service-points all over the world. For details please call us on +49 6023 919955 or see on our website under “Sales points” for a list of our specialised shops and distributors.


How often does a mechanical watch need a service?

Of course it is necessary to make a repair or an overhaul when the watch does not work fluently. 
If the watch was handled with care, a total overhaul will be necessary not before 3 years of wearing.
However, for keeping up the water-resistance and the functionality of the crown, it is necessary to repair or to have it checked by a watchmaker not less than every 12 months if the watch is worn daily.

What does a partial repair?

A partial repair includes for example:

– replacement of the glass (if there are no splinters in the inner part of the movement)
– adjustment of the accuracy (after an impact or shock)
– replacement of the crown/the pushers or another part of the movement

What includes a complete overhaul or revision of my watch?

A total overhaul has to be made after 3-5 years and includes the following steps:

– outer checking of the case, the dial and the hands
– measurement of accuracy and amplitude on the device
– test of water-resistance
– Before the case will be opened, it is cleaned for avoiding dust to get into the movement
– after the case was opened, the inner part is cleaned, too, and the condition of the grease is checked
– the movement is taken apart, all parts are cleaned and lubricated, the gaskets and seals are replaced and the water-resistance is re-established
– After the assembling and closure of the case, a trial run is made during 3 days with the watch in different positions (the watch remained lying and hanging at the cyclo-winder)

Service Center Contact

You want to give your Alexander Shorokhoff watch to
our service center for inspection?

Here you will find our contact details:

+49 6023 91 99 55

Hanauer Straße 25
63755 Alzenau

Mon-Fri : 9AM – 5PM
Sa & Su : Closed