Payment Methods

In the official online shop of Alexander Shorokhoff you can choose between different payment options.

So you can either buy in advance, with credit card (VISA & MasterCard), PayPal, SEPA direct debit and Alipay (via Stripe) safely and conveniently online.

Payment in advance

If you choose advance payment as a payment option, you transfer the amount manually through your bank. Immediately after your order, you will receive the order summary, invoice amount and our bank details by e-mail. Please enter the order number from the e-mail as the intended purpose. After the payment has been received, you will be informed by e-mail. After that your order will be sent directly to you. Please keep in mind that your payment must be received within 14 days after ordering. Otherwise we have to cancel the order.

Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Payment by credit card

If you choose to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), you will simply need to enter your credit card information and billing address and complete the order after completing your order. After your credit card company has authorized the payment, we will ship your ordered goods to you as soon as possible.

Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland


Choose payment via PayPal, so you can quickly, conveniently and securely make your online purchase. You do not even need a PayPal account.

All you need to do is temporarily link your bank details to Paypal, which will be kept safe there. In addition, PayPal offers a free buyer protection, which in cases of damage, faulty delivery and the like, a refund of the entire purchase amount plus shipping costs guaranteed. Shortly after your PayPal payment arrives (PayPal usually receives payments immediately), we will send you your goods as soon as possible.

For more information, please visit

Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Sepa Direct Debit

With the help of PayPal Plus, we now also allow you to pay by sepa- direct debit. For this you will be forwarded to a form after the order, in which you then simply enter your billing address and bank details. The invoice amount will then be deducted automatically from your account. Immediately after you have completed the payment process, we will be informed by PayPal and will ship your order as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we can not offer pickup for logistical reasons.

If errors occur during the ordering process, we ask you to contact the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Thank you and have fun with your orders!