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[title]Alexander-Shorokhoff Uhren FAQ[/title]


  • “Alexander Shorokhoff“-watches are mechanical timekeepers of high quality equipped with:
    precisely regulated, refined and hand-engraved movements
  • vaulted sapphire glass
  • cases of high-grade stainless steel or gold with sapphire glass backs
  • 5 atm of water resistance (some models – 3 atm)
  • additional functions on different watch models

What is a chronograph?

A chronograph is a complicated mechanical timekeeper unifying two functions within one watch, a normal function for showing the time and a stop watch. The stop watch can be started and stopped by pressing the pushers on the case’s side. The upper pusher is for starting and stopping the chronograph function while the lower one is for resetting the hands back to zero. The work of the stop watch is indicated by the central second hand and the minute counter scale in the small sub dials

What is a watch called “Regulator“?

Regulators are special wrist watches with a typical dial – where the hour and minute hands are situated at different places (scales).
Besides the classical regulator we are offering also chronograph-regulators. Such chrono-regulators are fully featured precision watches and their manufacturing is a very complicated process. This is the reason that they are so rare. The watch CR01 by Alexander Shorokhoff has still some additional features: the stop function is covered by a contrasting paint in order to amend the legibility of time and the longish pushers make the operation of this function more comfortable and safe.

What is the quick date setting?

For most of the Russian watches the so-called “quick date setting” is used in order to set or change the date. It works by moving the hands first clockwise and then anti-clockwise between 23:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. This process must be repeated until the desired date is achieved.

Which are the accuracy deviations of Alexander Shorokhoff watches?

Since all Alexander Shorokhoff watches undergo an individual adjustment and regulation for several days, their accuracy deviation is lower than for the most standard mechanical watches. The maximum deviation ranges between -15 s and +15 s per day.

How can I set the moon-phase function?

The setting of the moon-phases has to be done always before the setting of the date or the time. The crown has to be in its furthest position from the case and the moon has to be moved by turning the hands in a clockwise direction so long until the moon has reached the position one day to its present-day-position in accordance with the moon-calendar (the moon changes its position automatically between 2 and 3 o’clock a.m.). Only after this, the date and the time can be set.

What about the water resistance?

Can I take a shower or swim with an Alexander Shorokhoff- watch on my wrist? Most of our watches have a water resistance of 5 atm, some of them – 3 atm. This means, they are protected against rain water, water splashes or sweat, but the watches are not appropriated for swimming or taking showers, because the water pressure can be too high for the seals.
On the other hand, it can happen that condensation water appears under the watch glass, especially after abrupt changes in temperature. This is not a defect, the condensation water will disappear after a while. It is absolutely necessary once 1 year to have the water resistance checked by a specialist.

What is a sapphire glass?

This glass consists of synthetic sapphire crystals (Al2O3) being extremely hard – grade 9 (surpassed only by diamond); it is even more break proof than mineral glass and very scratch-resistant; the production (especially of vaulted glass) is very expensive, that’s why this glass is mainly used for luxury watches. All the models of Alexander Shorokhoff are fitted with sapphire crystal glass

How often does a mechanical watch need a service?

Of course it is necessary to make a repair or an overhaul when the watch does not work fluently.
If the watch was handled with care, a total overhaul will be necessary not before 3 years of wearing.
However, for keeping up the water resistance and the functionality of the crown, it is necessary to repair or to have it checked by a watchmaker not less than every 12 months if the watch is worn daily.

What means an overhaul in contrast to a partial repair?

A partial repair includes e.g. the following work:
– Replacement of the glass (if there are no splinters in the inner part of the movement)
– Adjustment of the accuracy
– Replacement of the crown/the pushers or any part of the movement (after an impact or

A total overhaul has to be made after 3-5 years and includes the following steps:
– Outer checking of the case, the dial and the hands
– Measurement of accuracy and amplitude on the device
– Test of water resistance
– Cleaning to avoid dust on the movement before opening the case
– After the case was opened, the inner part is cleaned too, and the condition of the grease is
– After this, the movement is taken apart, all parts are cleaned and lubricated, the gaskets and seals
are replaced and the water-resistance is re-established
– After the assembling and closure of the case, a trial run is made for 3 days the watch being in
different positions (lying on desk or hanging at the cyclowinder).

How long do I have guarantee for my watch?

We grant a guarantee for all our watches for 24 months. Claims under guarantee are not legitimate for: defects caused by incorrect handling, normal wear and tear or after interventions by third and not authorized people. In case if such repairs of our products were made without our confirmation in writing the claim of guarantee would expire.

Where can I find authorized dealers selling “Alexander-Shorokhoff”-watches?

You can find a list of authorized specialized dealers worldwide under the following link: http://en.alexander-shorokhoff.de/authorized-retailer/