Babylonian III

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Fascination from millennia of history.

Limited Edition of 50 Pieces.

Delivery End of October.

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Fascination from millennia of history

The “Babylonian III” is a fascinating watch with a history spanning thousands of years and is the third successor in the beautiful series. It draws inspiration from Babylon, the capital of Babylonia, one of the most important cities of antiquity. Babylonian astronomy dates back to around 3000 BC, reaching its peak around 600-500 BC. With the resources available at that time, people obtained incredibly precise astronomical data. The constellations, as we know them today, were summarized and described in the ancient Babylonian culture.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2022, the new model BABYLONIAN III made its comeback. Now, the new variant is available in a new color combination. Unlike its predecessors, this model is housed in a 43.5 mm case due to high demand.

The manual winding movement is intricately engraved and refined. The front bridge is hand-skeletonized and hand-engraved. The movement is adorned from below with a specially designed hand-skeletonized and engraved brass plate. The main plate and other bridges of the movement are hand-finished with a special graver, then yellow gold plated. Additionally, the back of the movement features a plate with beautiful skeletonization, rhodium-plated. A two-tone refinement of the movement creates contrasts and an elegant appearance.

The dial consists of two parts. The lower part showcases the zodiac signs, first etched and then hand-engraved. The outer area of each zodiac sign is hand-matted and yellow gold plated. On the upper part of the dial, which comprises two mother-of-pearl rings and hour markers, there is a minute track on the outer ring and the abbreviations of the zodiac signs on the inner ring.

This exceptional model in a stainless steel case is limited to 50 pieces.

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*hand-satinized with graver, bridge under the dial hand-skeletonized and engraved, from below the movement is finished with a specially designed hand-skeletonized and – engraved brass plate


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Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Babylonian III

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