Chrono Malevio

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The new prototype “Malevio” by “Alexander Shorokhoff” combines fashion and art. A modern check design of the dial with geometric forms of art. The avant-garde elements in the form of a triangle, a square and a hemisphere blend perfectly into the checked dial.

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What are the similarities between fashion and art?

Art moves us, makes us think and broadens our horizons. Art can be decorative, bring colour into life, but also provoke and polarise. In any case, art awakens emotions in everyone. It is the same with fashion. Fashion creates a certain feeling in the wearer and the viewer.

The new prototype “Malevio” by “Alexander Shorokhoff” combines precisely these two factors. A modern check design of the dial with geometric forms of art. The avant-garde elements in the form of a triangle, a square and a hemisphere blend perfectly into the checked dial. They also bear the most important colour of the avant-garde: red, blue and yellow. The hour and minute rings are placed 1.5 mm above the dial on four feet and match the colour of the chronograph’s “eyes”. The grid of the check pattern has been placed symmetrically, while the other elements literally step out of line. The red, narrow second hand has an avant-garde shape. This makes a statement. Its presence cannot be overlooked. It can be operated separately with the pusher and thus serves for the stopwatch, together with the small minute hand in the right “eye”. As you can see, everything has its place and its correctness.

The rectangular case is solid and perfect for the mechanical chronograph. The case is striking and supports the ornate dial. The leather straps have been chosen tone on tone, matching the basic colour of the dial. They are made of soft cowhide and are very comfortable to wear.

The movement is also an object of art. Art in terms of the fine hand engravings on the mechanical chronograph movement 3133 by Poljot. The screws are blued and the bridges have been finished in rose gold.

What makes these two models so special, however, is their unique design and low availability. Both prototypes are available in one piece each and will never be a part of the collection.


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Chrono Malevio

2.495,00  incl. VAT*

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