Square & Round

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Limited Edition of 30 pieces.

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The colorful series of avant-garde – chronographs “Square & Round”.

Avant-garde” collection of “Alexander Shorokhoff” is presented by colors, shapes and abstractions. Color attracts, binds and inspires. It is attractive to many painters, philosophers, poets, writers and other intellectuals. Kandinsky and Goethe were also inspired by it, and both even created their own color theory. The deep feeling of colors, the philosophical consideration of colors, but also their connection to forms and smells, has made the teachings of these famous personalities world-famous. Today it is considered a cultural heritage.

Alexander Shorokhov, the founder and designer of the brand “Alexander Shorokhoff” has again been inspired by colors.

In the new chronograph, he plays with precisely these different colors and shapes. This creates emotions that strike the heart. The rich colors of the dials create a subjective sense of well-being. The watches are much more than just a timepiece. They are small objects of art for the wrist and strengthen the perception of color impressions.

But he also goes further. He also creates color contrasts – black and red, green and beige, black and beige, gray and black. Partly the colors harmonize with each other and partly they provoke. But it’s all part of the plan to create an exciting and emotionally artistic watch.

The colors are clearly the main feature of the new series. For the red, a darker and strong but still warm shade was chosen, for green a juicy shade and for gray a more metallic – cold color was determined. Black remains down-to-earth and serious and is realized in a semi-matte finish. The matching contrasting colors for the models are black and white. This creates a contrast not only in terms of color, but also emotionally. In this case, the contrasting shades of warm and cold are not contrary, but harmonize with each other and complement each other. First, “Alexander Shorokhoff” presents two colors: red and black, the other two colors will follow.

Certainly, these chronographs will not go unnoticed by your colorfulness. In addition, their importance is further emphasized by the massive shape of a square case. However, the corners are rounded and somewhat relax the massive appearance.

The color combinations of the watches are produced in two technical versions: each with an automatic movement ETA 7753 and with a hand-wound movement AS 3133. Both movements are elaborately reworked, hand-engraved and refined at the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufactory. The small technical wonder can be seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. Furthermore, there is also an avant-garde ring on the back, which emphasizes the affiliation to the “Avantgarde” collection.

All chronographs are produced in a limited edition of 30 pieces per color and movement. The watches are dedicated to the anniversary year of the Manufacture.

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Square & Round

2.990,00  incl. VAT*

30 in stock