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The number thirteen is considered an unlucky number in many cultures. Many people associate it with something negative. Not so with Alexander Shorokhov! For him, this number has always been a lucky number, because happiness begins where you want it. That is why the next model in the UNIQUEO collection is something very special for him.

The anniversary model number 13, “AS.UNIQUE0.13 – LUCKY 13” is supposed to bring luck to its wearer and radiate it. For the necessary expressiveness, the rich gold color “3N” was chosen for the color of the dial. The 4 diamonds arranged symmetrically in 4 directions enhance the feeling of something festive and special. The whole small checkered area of the dial with matte and polished rectangles gives the feeling of glory, warmth and a certain opulence.

The checkerboard engraving was done by hand. Such an engraving of the dial requires the engraver of the manufacture at least two days of work, if you add the work of the markers and holes. The blued hands are matched to the corresponding hour and minute markers. That’s why the hour hand is so small, to fit the small minute scale of the small engraved circle.

The stainless steel case was specially made for this model. It has with its 39 mm, an unusual small size compared to all other Alexander Shorokhoff watches. On the front, there is an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Through the sapphire crystal back, you can see a beautifully hand-engraved vintage Poljot movement, caliber 2616, from the 60s. The genuine crocodile leather strap blends in with the overall look. With a limitation of only 1 piece, again a highlight from the manufactory Alexander Shorokhoff.

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Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Lucky 13

1.930,00  (1.621,85  excl. VAT.)

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