Guilloche, silver-colored, with an open center

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    2.300,00  (1.932,77  excl. MwSt.)

    The regulator R02, the second edition of the highly successful regulator R01, is a fascinating watch in traditional execution. Introduced for the first time at Baselworld 2016 the watch received strong demand from the outset. To emphasise the identity of this exquisite watch, this masterpiece was limited.

    Limited Edition of only 98 pieces.

  • 5.990,00  (5.033,61  excl. MwSt.)

    Even at first sight, the new Chrono-Regulator-Skeleton fascinates with its innovations in design and engineering. It proves that even in a “skeleton” version, a Chrono-Regulator can be functional and offer great readability.

    Limited Edition of only 68 pieces.

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