Deep Ding

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The first “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch with 10 ATM water resistance

Limited Edition of only 30 pieces.

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The first “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch with 10 ATM water resistance

How is a watch created at “Alexander Shorokhoff”? What influences its development? How does it get its name? What is the idea or story behind it?

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A good old partner and friend of Alexander Shorokhov from Djibouti – Michael Gebre Ab, owner of the yacht “Lucy”, also a watch enthusiast, always dreamed of a reliable and waterproof watch for his sea voyages. This was reason enough for Alexander Shorokhov to think about developing such a watch. Because he also wished for quite some time to expand his collection with a 10 ATM waterproof watch. During many discussions it became clear that the new model should become a solid, well protected and unbreakable watch, with a water resistance of at least 10 ATM. Nevertheless, it should be emotional, avant-garde and artistic, in order to remain true to the philosophy of the brand.

This idea gave rise to the special case design with a lattice and the closed back, on which artfully placed a pair of turtles. The case consists of six parts in total – the upper bezel with sapphire crystal, an inner rotating bezel, the middle case and two lids. In addition, there is also the grille, which is constructed from six separate and 90° bent stainless steel rods and 12 fixing screws. The upper bezel is pressed into the body, and the backs are screwed. To further protect the case with the sapphire crystal, the stainless steel rods are also screwed in place. They pass through the upper bezel, are embedded in the middle case and fastened from below with screws. This creates a solid case construction that is protected from any external influences. Certainly an innovation that brings the brand “Alexander Shorokhoff” with another step forward.

Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

The case has two crowns. One is located at 2 o’clock for the inner rotating bezel, which can be used for setting the minutes when diving, and the other is located at 4 o’clock for setting the time. Both crowns are marked to avoid any confusion. These positions were chosen to be well protected against external shocks, due to their proximity to the feet. In addition, the crowns have double seals to be sufficiently protected against water pressure. 10 ATM for a watch means that it can withstand a pressure of 10 bar, or the pressure of a water column of 100 meters. So with our new model you can easily swim, snorkel and especially use it well during sea voyages or any work that needs to be done on the deck of a yacht. Several different finishes and plating of the case elements not only show the creativity of the designer, but also provide scratch resistance and versatility of the watch. The caseback creates an artistic moment, showing a beautiful image from the depths of the sea – a lovely pair of turtles in 3D design. Under the caseback is a reliable and robust Swiss movement 2824.ETA (or equivalent SelitaSW-200 movement), which is equipped with a hand-engraved and refined rotor.A high-quality rubber strap with a folding clasp was developed for comfortable wearing and carefree use with water. On the top of the strap, the brand’s avant-garde AS sign is placed on one side and the slogan “Art on the Wrist” is displayed on the other. A wave-like pattern is embossed on the back of the strap. The clasp bears the brand’s logo and is finished in two different surface treatments-polishing and brushing.

Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

The dials of the new model are available in two different mother-of-pearl finishes – light and dark. With their luster, they represent the depth of the sea in all its facets. In the lower circle is the globe with indications of the cardinal points. The luminous hands were designed and produced in a large format to still be visible through the grid. There will be other dial variations for this model as well.At “Alexander Shorokhoff” each model has its own name, because it is not only responsible for telling the time, but also tells an independent story. The name was found as a compromise due to some discussions between the design and inspiration. They settled on a name in two languages – “Deep” in English, meaning “deep”, and “Ding” in German, referring to an object. The model “Deep Ding”, is the first 10 ATM water resistant watch produced at “Alexander Shorokhoff”.

Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Like any other personality, the new “Deep Ding” needs a home. Especially for this purpose, a new watch box was designed in a beautiful navy blue. The interior has a wavy fabric cover in the lighter shade. Through the “peephole” with steel frame in the upper part of the box you can see the watch even when the box is closed. Furthermore, on the left side of the box you can also find a certificate, which indicates the authenticity of the watch. Both models are limited to only 30 pieces and thus contribute to the increase in value of this exceptional model. The exclusive advantage price of 1994,- Euro is only valid for the year 2021. In 2022 the price will automatically increase to 2340,- Euro. Overall, the new model “Deep Ding” is creative, accomplished and thoughtful in all their details.


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Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Deep Ding

2.199,00  incl. VAT*

12 in stock