Black Cat Automatic

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Art to fall in Love with.

Limited Edition of only 19 pieces.

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The “Black Cat“ by Alexander Shorokhoff.

Black cats are a popular choice in art due to their symbolism and aesthetics. Various renowned artists throughout art history have depicted black cats in their paintings.

For example, Édouard Manet painted a famous work titled ‘Olympia’ in 1863, featuring a nude woman with a black cat. Théophile Steinlen, the French artist, created the well-known poster ‘Le Chat Noir’ (The Black Cat) for the Parisian cabaret ‘Le Chat Noir’. Even Pablo Picasso had a special fondness for cats and painted them in various works, including ‘Chat et Femme Lisant’ (Cat and Reading Woman).

Alexander Shorokhoff has also explored this theme, and for the first time, a cat appears as a motif in his collection. Crafted from black mother-of-pearl, it partially conceals itself on the dial, but its presence is unmistakable. The cat exudes playfulness, courage, and a hint of curiosity towards the butterfly that has found its place in the upper part of the dial. This little work of art is simply enchanting!

To infuse this ‘painting’ with a sense of ‘naturalness’ and ‘movement’, the entire dial is made from high-quality mother-of-pearl and adorned with Alexander Shorokhoff’s original signature, giving this outstanding artwork a personal touch.

Alexander Shorokhoff’s signature powerful number ’60’ is in its customary position. The blued hands, ensuring good readability, are also present in this model.

The total work of art is presented in a rectangular stainless steel case measuring 36 x 36 millimeters, akin to a masterpiece within a frame. The watch is powered by either a hand-engraved and refined automatic movement or a manual winding caliber. Both versions are limited to 19 pieces each. Each variant is accompanied by a green ostrich leather strap with a stainless steel buckle, further accentuating its elegance.

The uniqueness and extraordinary creativity of this model will undoubtedly increase the value of this watch and should be considered as an investment. Who knows if this ‘wristwear masterpiece’ will one day achieve similarly high prices as Picasso’s works do today.


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Black Cat Automatic

2.100,84  (2.100,84  excl. VAT.)

19 in stock