Avantgarde 08

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Masterpiece of the avant-garde design movement.

Limited Edition of 50 Pieces.

Delivery time 2 weeks.

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The new “Avantgarde 08” model is a true masterpiece of the avant-garde design movement, breaking the boundaries of conventional watch design and playing with bold color combinations. The three main colors used in this watch are orange, yellow and blue – each color brings a certain contrast to the black background and creates a certain emotionality.

The avant-garde design language of each hour section makes the watch a real work of art. Depicted with white color, each elaboration symbolizes the corresponding hour in its own unique way.

The elongated hands with round recesses, also in the three avant-garde colors, are perfectly coordinated and form a harmonious interplay with the dial. The round recesses give the hands an elegant lightness that perfectly matches their slim design. They are not only a useful element in any watch, but also a statement.

Together, all these colors form a harmonious and strong color scheme that makes this wristwatch not only a formal timepiece, but also an expression of the style and personality of its wearer.

The hand-wound 2614.AS caliber is distinguished by its hand engraving and finishing, which gives the movement a special aesthetic. The blued screws add a colorful accent and complete the appearance. The caliber is equipped with 17 jewels integrated into the movement to minimize wear and increase accuracy. The power reserve of the caliber is about 42 hours, which means that the watch can run for about two days after being fully wound before it needs to be wound again. All in all, this is an elegant and precise choice for watch lovers who are interested in traditional movements with a special aesthetic.

The bracelet was designed in the same style as the dial, with contrasting colored stitching in red and yellow on cool black, contrasting yet balanced. It is another creative move and a symbol of the creativity and originality of the creator Alexander Shorokhov.

This avant-garde art object is limited to only 50 pieces, making it a rare and sought-after collector’s item.


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Außergewöhnliche Luxusuhren kaufen, Höchste Qualität, Handgefertigt in Deutschland

Avantgarde 08

1.350,00  (1.134,45  excl. VAT.)

32 in stock