Kandy Avantgarde 2

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The limited watch model “Kandy Avantgarde“ which has won the German design award “Winner 2019“ fascinated watch lovers all over the world and was sold out in a very short time. For this year’s exhibition “Inhorgenta“ its first successor was launched on the watch market.

Limited Edition of only 100 pieces.

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The limited watch model “Kandy Avantgarde“ which has won the German design award “Winner 2019“ fascinated watch lovers all over the world and was sold out in a very short time. For this year’s exhibition “Inhorgenta“ its first successor will be launched on the watch market.
The squared case is produced in strongly demanded black PVD-coating, whereas the side grooves are filled with real gold wires. The philosophy of the dial’s designs remains the same but has been enforced by using powerful colours. The stripes around 3 o’clock have got a yellow tint and harmonise with the golden wires. The small gaps in the dial match with the colours of the case. The intense contrast enhances the colours of the dial. The interplay of the colors brings the watch and your wrist to life.
Two years ago, Gianfranco Ritschel, a consultant of the Swiss watch industry said in his statement about the development of the watch market approximately the following: “50 years ago, people needed only one function of a wrist watch, 25 years ago – a watch should promote an image; nowadays and in the future a watch should represent something and have an intellectual and cultural background”. The single function of timing will no more satisfy or fascinate the watch enthusiasts. A watch has to be unique in every respect. The “Kandy Avantgarde 2“ is such a watch.
The movement is the same as for the predecessor – the flat and reliable cal.2892 ETA. The rotor is hand- engraved and refined. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and calendar.
In any case the “Kandy Avantgarde 2“ is a watch against „boredom on the wrist“. Once, Vincent van Gogh said: „ What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything ?“.

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Automatic watch cal. 2892.ETA (SW300) with hand-engraved and refined oscillating weight, blued screws, 21 (25) jewels


Ca. 47 (42) Hours







9 mm




3 atm


Enamelled in avant-garde style with various elements in bright colors, additionally with mother-of-pearl at 12 o'clock


Black coated with white luminous paint


22 mm




100 Stück



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Kandy Avantgarde 2

3.290,00  incl. VAT*