Enamelled, cream-colored with black counters

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  • 1.890,00  (1.588,24  excl. VAT.)

    From time to time, you will be approached about your “C01” from Alexander Shorokhoff. You need to keep that in mind, if you decide in favor of it. Because the large numbers 20, 40, 60 and the two contrary colored “eyes” at 3 and 9 o‘clock are inconspicuous eye-catchers.

  • 2.690,00  (2.260,50  excl. VAT.)

    The successful manual winding chronograph movement is now also available in an automatic version. Due to its great popularity among watch collectors, all other details, including the design, remained the same.

  • 2.690,00  (2.260,50  excl. VAT.)

    With the creation of the watch for left-handers, the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufacture expresses its respect for the large number of left-handed people. The core of the operating comfort is the arrangement of the crown and operating elements on the left side, thereby ensuring comfortable handling for left-handers.