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“Without madness there is no art”!

For the seventh UNIQUE0-model Alexander Shorokhov was inspired by the painting “The constancy of memory” of one of the most famous surrealists Salvador Dalí. “The constancy of memory” is rich in symbols and shows Dalí’s typical dream atmosphere. It was created according to Dalí’s paranoiac-critical method, in which Dalí entered a state of self-induced hallucinations to create “hand-painted dream photographs.”

“Without madness there is no art” – Dali once said, creating a whole series of surrealist-historical works. His legacy still fascinates and inspires many artists today. Alexander Shorokhov has also studied the painter’s art and thus created his new watch dedicated to Salvador Dali: “AS.UNIQUEO.7 – Salvatore“.

The main motif of Dali’s artwork is three melting clocks. There are many theories about what it is supposed to mean. Critic Dawn Asher writes, “The soft clocks are an unconscious symbol of the relativity of space and time, a surrealist meditation on it, the breakdown of our notion of a fixed cosmic order.”

On the “Alexander Shorokhoff” version, you can see on the small dial that the edges are shaped somewhat “messily” by hand in different directions, in keeping with the inspiration. There are also various letterings on the dial. Among others, the word Dali, Surrealism, Avant-garde and many more. The name of the brand Alexander Shorokhoff can also be found there. It’s even fun to discover them yourself. These letterings are highlighted by an etching process and engraving and are sublime, somewhat far from normal, as is the case with almost all “Alexander Shorokhoff” watches.

The colors of the watch are also very well chosen: An intense blue on the dial and a bright red on the enameled bridge in the free space of the watch. The blue color is an end product of ionization. The red color was mixed by hand and the bridge was enameled with it. To make it easier to read the time, a silver ring was integrated into the dial. The hour and minute hands are in silver color. The second hand with two different colored tips shows the seconds from both sides of the watch.

The design of the case with two sapphire glasses gives the opportunity to fill the free space. A space for design, ideas, fantasies. Alexander Shorokhov fills it with avant-garde elements in geometric shapes like the square, a pyramid and a sphere, as well as with small movement parts like a spring and a wheel. They literally float in the free space of the case, which is pierced by metal rods. The rest of the space is free and transparent. The watch is powered by the Swiss automatic movement ETA 2671 and the rotor is hand engraved.

This crazy one-of-a-kind piece is worn on either the high-quality stainless steel Milanese bracelet with folding clasp or an alligator leather strap, helping any wrist to get maximum attention. Limited to only 1 piece, this masterpiece costs 4865 euros and is thus a real collector’s item for every watch lover and art enthusiast.

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