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Classic engraving or guilloché is one of the traditional values of watchmaking.  The big brands have marked the market with different types of engravings and guilloches. They are elegant, high quality and usually symmetrical, with the same repeating elements and similar curves that form the overall image of the guilloché or engraving.

Alexander Shorokhoff has also been engaged in fine hand engraving for years. The brand is already known for its own movement decorations, but also for the unusual design of dials.

For the twelfth UNIQUEO – model, Alexander Shorokhov relies on fine, asymmetrical hand engravings in the modern rectangular case with a diameter of 41 x 41 mm. The engraving does not extend over the entire dial, but is located on the left side of the dial to make room for the logo and the distinctive numbers 60 and 20.

It is hand engraved freely and somewhat crazily. No symmetry, no repeating elements, no classic curves. It is engraved in different directions, with different thickness, with different elements that also come from the modern avant-garde. Sometimes shiny, sometimes matte, sometimes engraved with one burin, sometimes with another. Thus, a modern avant-garde engraving has been created, which is in itself an individual. The right side of the dial is satin-finished and features a small diamond at 2 o’clock that beams with the hand engraving. The entire dial is rose gold plated, a very popular color in the watch industry.

However, the stainless steel case with black PVD coating hides even more details: the side cutouts are decorated with three wires made of 18-carat rose gold. On the back, there are colorful glass inserts behind which the Swiss automatic caliber SW300 with a hand-engraved and refined oscillating weight and blued screws provide the power.

The “Kandy Crisscross” is a true individual and will enchant any lover of true watchmaking art. Limited to only 1 piece and dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the manufacture.

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Kandy Crisscross

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