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Why not like this?

A unique symbiosis between heritage and avant-garde.

A classic engraving or guilloché is one of the traditional values of watchmaking.  Brequet or Patek Philipp have marked the market with different types of engravings and guilloches. They are elegant, high quality and mostly symmetrical, containing the same repeating elements and similar curves that form the overall image of the guilloché or engraving.

For years, Alexander Shorokhoff has also been engaged in fine hand engraving. The brand is already known for its own movement decorations, but also for the unusual dial design. The Heritage collection, for example, thrives on such engraved one-offs and unique pieces. But even more, Alexander Shorokhoff is loved for his Avantagrde collection with crazy and inimitable designs. This collection has shaped the face of the brand with models like Miss Avantgarde, Kandy Avantgarde, Winter, Crazy Eyes and many others.

Now Alexander Shorokhov, the brand’s chief designer, wants to combine the two collections – Heritage and Avantgarde – and revolutionize engraving. He asked himself if it is possible to make classic modern, to combine heritage and avant-garde?

For the eighth UNIQUEO – model he enters for the first time such a unique symbiosis. In a round and flat stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm, a handmade dial with a “crazy engraving” is installed. The engraving does not extend over the entire dial, but is placed in the center to make room for more modern parts of the dial. Here the design is made with sunburst and large and modern Alexander Shorokhoff numbers 20 and 40.

However, the main attraction is on the center strip of the dial with a hand engraving in a crazy way. No symmetry, no repeating elements, no classic curves. It is engraved in different directions, with different thickness, with different elements, which also come from the modern avant-garde. Sometimes shiny, sometimes matte, sometimes engraved with one graver, sometimes with another. This is how a modern, avant-garde engraving by Alexander Shorokhoff was created. Why not different, why not like this?

To emphasize its importance, the central strip is rhodium-plated, the rest of the dial is rose gold-plated. The large 60, the symbol of the brand, in the upper part of the strip crowns the work of art and underlines the fact that it belongs to the Alexander Shorokhoff family.

The brand is still young, constantly evolving, seeking its own paths. It also deserves respect for such a break with normality, with the usual. So is art – its own long path of experiments, developments and visions. A path full of inspirations, sensations and emotions.

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2.330,00  (1.957,98  excl. VAT.)

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